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TRAIN4LIFE Challenge


Your body is a temple 🧘🏾‍♂️. Like the construction of any building it requires intentional time, energy & effort to build it. With everything happening in the world NOW is the time for us as men and women to gear up, get active and rebuild our temples so we manifest a greater SELF in 2024... but that has to start with a plan! The KingdomARMR Challenge Complete all 7 Missions to activate all 7 ARMR training protocols and gear up for your 2024 elevation* Mission 1️⃣ LOWERBODY1 Mission 2️⃣ UPPERBODY1 Mission 3️⃣ MySELFIE Mission 4️⃣ AGILITY1 Mission 5️⃣ CORE1 Mission 5️⃣ MyCOMPASS Mission 7️⃣ MyREVELATIONS *Claim all 7 FREE Gifts and join the ARMR Games to #BUILDu and earn rewards daily

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