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The War on Russell Brand, Rumble and Platforms that Share Truth

Journalist Glenn Greenwald argued the politicized attack on Russell Brand is being used to attack the Rumble platform and free speech.

“So crucial is the online censorship regime to Western power centers that one thing is certain — any individual or company that even thinks about defying it will be severely attacked and punished,” journalist Glenn Greenwald said on an episode of his “System Update” podcast.

Big Tech platforms and the U.K. government have launched a war against Rumble, using recent allegations against comedian and political commentator Russell Brand as a pretense.

Rumble is an online platform that reaches large audiences and has a demonstrated commitment to defending free speech against the “censorship-industrial complex,” Greenwald said.

Four anonymous women accused Brand of rape, sexual assault and other types of emotionally controlling behavior that allegedly occurred more than a decade ago. The allegations were made as part of a joint investigation from The Times of London, The Sunday Times and Channel 4 Dispatches.

To date, no police complaint has been filed against Brand.

Legacy media outlets quickly and universally condemned Brand. But many voices in alternative media, including Greenwald, argued Brand should not be condemned as guilty and punished without due process.

“That’s all basic, uncontroversial stuff. Or so we would have thought,” Greenwald said. “As we have repeatedly seen, however, most liberal institutions of power in the West no longer even pretend to affirm basic precepts of due process, just as they barely feign support any longer for foundational concepts of free speech.”

Brand faces a wave of deplatforming and demonetization. The day after the allegations were made public, YouTube announced it demonetized all of Brand’s past and future videos. The BBC and Paramount+ also pulled some of his shows from their streaming platforms.

In the following days, Greenwald said Caroline Dinenage, member of Parliament, wrote to several media outlets, including Rumble and TikTok demanding they ban or demonetize Brand and that they outline how Brand is compensated and how they plan to eliminate his revenue.

But Rumble refused to comply, noting Brand had never been convicted of any crime, and that it is “not competent to adjudicate his guilt or innocence, just like it’s not competent to adjudicate truth and falsity in our nation’s most complex political and scientific debates,” Greenwald said.

In response, the British government and media and the U.S. corporate media have “launched a full-on assault on Rumble,” he said.

The Times of London said the U.K.’s new Online Safety Act could be used to eliminate Rumble in the U.K. altogether. The Sun warned that Rumble’s executives face the threat of arrest under this new online safety if they try to enter the U.K. without fully complying with these new censorship orders.

Greenwald said the attack on Brand and the new law are only “the beginning of the cycle of reprisal, not the end.”

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